Supreme Champion, Neuter Grand Champion, Flyball Dual Champion Ourgang .Bang On JC – AI 4/1/2013

What hasn’t this girl done, she has been a superstar from the start.

She was from my second litter from the imported semen of Multi Ch Angelic Staff Bang Bang Boogie and from our homebred girl Ourgang I’ll Do What I Want. After the unsuccessful litter with Jitterbug I was very lucky to be offered the use of her sister, Samba, to have a litter from. I can never thank Mick and Jen Turner enough as without this I would have had to start again from scratch.

Of the two girls and one boy born, Onyx was the one for me, I was unsure of how she would turn out as she was a different style than what I had had before but this confident girl was a showgirl through and through with Baby Puppy in Show at her first specialty outing at 3 months to being the youngest Champion Stafford not only in Australia but in the world at 8 months 6 days, a record that still stands. She has won everything she can win in Australia as her titles prove. At nearly 10 years young she still loves the show ring though she is basically retired (much her disgust and many tantrums later) to enjoy flyball and other activities now.

Onyx is one of those dogs who just excels at everything she does – flyball – up and racing in no time being a very consistent dog with her only stuff ups being her handler’s errors, Nosework she had started and loved but unfortunately training shut down due to Covid. Lure Coursing – one of her favourites, whilst not the fittest dog in the world she gives it her all and absolutely loves it.

As a dog – Nonyx, Noonie, Noonstar, Onny, she is a beautiful girl who loves her routines and god help you if you are late with her dinner. Loves being a part of it all, loves life and her friends. With new people she is a bit stand offish until they prove themselves worthy – pats or food. She loves her pillows, her bum bashes, sleeping in with Belinda, sunning herself and trying to scab as much food as possible including breaking into the pantry and treat boxes in the shed. Pumpkin is her favourite thing which is good thing as she is perpetually on a diet, it is the only thing she will growl about and not give up – don’t get between a girl and her pumpkin soup!

She had two litters for me with Litter 18 from Anglice Might and Power in 2015 which produced Story & Obi and Litter 19 from Ch Bxact Ridin Dirty in 2017 which produced Rizzo & Kenickie. All of my dogs today go back to Onyx.

See Litter 16 for pedigree details

Rizzo > Janet > Betty