Ourgang Dammit Janet – 24/6/19

Janet was our keeper from our Grandfather / Grand Daughter mating on Angelic Staff .Bang Bang Boogie – Denmark. She was the only surviving girl so she was staying regardless. She was a tiny puppy with her two brute brothers so her temperament is big and bold and she likes to take on the world and God help whoever is in her way.

She is extremely smart so she is a challenge, she is feisty so she is a challenge, she is quick so she is a challenge, she is a slippery sucker so she is a challenge but we love her anyway. She is the queen of the bluff (he grandma Onyx is petrified of her) and is very willful but willing to learn as long as she can see the benefit in it for her, she is certainly one that has kept me on my toes like no other but cuddly and affectionate, loves to kiss and clean. Our evil terrorist.

In Shows she hasn’t had a lot due to Covid, she had just gone into Minor when everything shut down but did very well at her first two specialties with Minor in Show at both, she has already won a challenge so we will see what the shows will bring when we go back.

Flyball training – she is going to take a while, she is very reactive to the environment and finds it hard to focus so she is either jumping up on all the people trying to give them kisses or she is trying to eat all the other dogs, she is a bit of a “extremes” dog.

See Litter 21 for pedigree details

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