Ch Ourgang I Want It All – 20/1/16 – Dec 2015

Opie, Opie Dope, Black Bitch who never Shuts Up, Viper – she did not have a lot of nicknames.

She was certainly an individual, very unique, a bit standoffish, she loved to please but didn’t want to intrude sort of attitude. She loved her cuddles and walks and throwing the ball. She loved to play with Fred and boss him around, he was totally lost when she went.

She hated the show ring as she did not like other dogs and hated any dog barking in her vicinity – if all the dogs were quiet then she was happy, so once she got her title she didn’t really come to the shows after that. She loved her trips to Bermagui though and the beach time there.

Oprah was a viper, she could fight like no other, she didn’t want to but as I said if a dog barked in her face or Angel’s nitpicking at her she would lose it, blank over and focus on destroying that dog and it took a LOT to snap her out of it once she started – I learnt from her there are two types of fighters – those that will fight and are still aware of their surroundings ie. people yelling and those that blank everything out and focus on the fight – she fitted into the second category. Still she lived happily with everyone and it was only Angel picking on her that caused damage. I have never had one fight like her and still to this day haven’t (thank god) but she certainly educated me in what the breed can really be like.

With people you couldn’t have got a more gentler dog, she loved her cuddles and her “special time” and was as gentle as a lamb in taking food etc. She was a fantastic mother though we only had a very very short window of opportunity with her to get her pregnant resulting in litters of 1, 7 then 2. Guess which one we got the timing right on…. Her first litter was to Basty resulting in Nougat (Litter 12), to Ch Tykabul The Cracker (Litter 13) and the Ch Colliermans Lionheart of Dazmarnic (Litter 14).

As she got older she started to shows signs of the DPN however it did not get to progress as she went into Renal Failure at 10 years of age. We managed it for a while but the progression was too rapid and the kindest thing was to let her go.

See Litter 11 for pedigree details

Cloe > Sprog > Rage > Maddy > Basty > Murtle > Angel > Freddie > Jitterbug