Litter 13 – 15/8/09

Ch Tykabul The Cracker x Ch Ourgang I Want It All
I had this litter as I really liked the type of the Cracker and wanted those beautiful dark round eyes. There wasnt much I wanted to improve in Oprah except a darker eye and maybe slightly stronger head. I took a chance on the mouths as I had not previously had any issues with canines. This proved to be a mistake as it is a problem I am still trying to get rid of but live and learn as they say.

Oprah was one of those girls you had to be exactly right with the timing of the visit to the boy as her litters before and after this proved so we were lucky to get such a large litter and six girls – wow!

Ourgang How Bad Do U Want It “Jai”
Stella & Steven Deacon

Jai Jai went to my bestest friend Stella and has lived a long life, he has not been an easy dog to live with, very much peas in a pod with his sister Jitt – a highly strung and active boy who loves to be the centre of the world. His love is unconditional and forever

Ch Ourgang I Want It Now “Jitterbug”
Owned by me – see her my Itty Bitty’s story elsewhere on the website

Ourgang I’ll Do What I Want “Samba”
Mick & Jenni Turner

Ourgang U Want Me Dontcha “Marli”
Leanne & Paul Cruikshank

Ourgang All I Want Is U “Izzy”
Tracey Rushton

Ourgang You Want It You Got It
Wayne Vella

Ourgang I Wanna Be A Superstar
Corey Grosvenor

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