Litter 21 – 24/6/19

Multi Ch Angelic Staff Bang Bang Boogie – Denmark “Boogie” x Ch Ourgang Dirty Bang FDX “Rizzo”

This litter came about as I wanted to line breed with Rizz and Boogie was the obvious choice seeing that he had all the virtues I am after with her (better head shape and shorter body) and I was hoping I would not compromise any of her virtues – great front, feminine type and balance, great topline. I had three beautiful babies to choose from, there was a 2nd girl who unfortunately got stuck and could not be revived, a great loss to me. This litter was named after the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Neuter Ch Ourgang Time Warp “RiffRaff”
Sue Cross

Raffy, Riffy, RiffRaff, Tank, now His Royal Highness… Raffy was a special boy who was meant to go to a show home up north but that home fell through so he ended up staying with us. Unfortunately I ran him over at 5 1/2 months and caused multiple fractures to his pelvis and back legs and scrubbed out some of his ligaments. Lucky for me we ended up at Sash who did some amazing surgery and with a lot of money paid and a lot of rehab he is near perfect today. He has lost some of his angulation and balance though and while I tried to show him again the show stance is now difficult for him to maintain where it was so natural before so we have decided not to continue with showing him. After many months of agonising we decided to let him go to my good friend Sue who had Fudge from my 3rd litter and Nougat from my 12th Litter – we knew he would be well loved and he certainly is the most spoilt brat and well cared for. He has his own page elsewhere on the website also.

Ourgang Rocky Horror “Rocky”
Jo & Rosie Dahdah

Jo & Rosie had previously had Daisy from me (Litter 10) and wanted something that was related to her so they were lucky enough to get Rocky. He hasnt been the most well behaved dog growing up – being Mr El Destructomondo when it came to dog beds but apart from that fits in very well with the Dahdah family and is best friends with his Frenchie buddy Ollie, looking very much like his uncle Kenickie he is having a great life and is very much loved.

Ch Ourgang Dammit Janet “Janet”
Kept by us

My little princess, spoilt by her human mum from the start she had no hope so look for her own page elsewhere on the website.

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