Ch Ourgang Pocket Rocket – 15/6/15

Obi is the handsome man of Ailsa & Jayden Crosthwaite’s (Jaqov Staffords) up in Rockhampton. He is a clown and a drama queen and loves attention and things to be done his way or he lets you know about it. He is certainly a character of a dog and he has his ideosyncrocies that keep Ailsa & Jayden on their toes and he is very like his great Aunt Jitt.

In the show ring he did his thing but wasn’t a great fan of it so he has basically retired to make room for the younger ones to attend. He has trained in Obedience, Agility, Nosework, Trick Dogs and is now currently attending schools in the Dog Education program which he loves and is a star at and a great asset to our breed. He is very excited to now have a little hooman to love.

I cannot thank Ailsa enough for her friendship and support over the years, we have a great partnership that is still ongoing and hopefully will be for many more years.

See Litter 18 for Pedigree

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