Litter 25 – 3/7/23

Ch Wooloostaff Devils Undeniable x Ch Ourgang Dammit Janet

When I first saw a picture of Stanley (Ch Wooloostaff Devils Undeniable) I though Wow! thats a nice puppy. Seeing him in the flesh did not disappoint and I was very pleased to be able to use him over our Janet to produce this stunning litter of 4 boys and 3 girls. This litter is honestly one of the most even litters I have had in years and I am very happy with how they are turning out so far. We were not meant to keep anything from this litter but Looney had to stay!

This litter will tie in well with the frozen semen I have from Europe so I am looking forward to seeing how they grow. Janet is certainly proving herself to be a producer of quality babies and is the best mother ever.

Ch Ourgang Unbelievable “Looney Tunes”
Our beautiful keeper, she has been a gorgeous soul from the start, definitely one who has been here before. Check out her full story here

Ourgang Unstoppable “Zamilda / Milli
Lyndsey & Marcus Houghton

Milli was the other one I was debating on keeping but she had an upfront personality very like her mother and I could see them clashing in the future so I placed her with a loving family with two kids who adore her and take her everywhere with them.

Ourgang Undeniably Yours “Ginny”
Karen Kelly & Neil Dodsworth

Ginny was the quieter one of the litter and was happy to be on her own so it was fitting that she would make a fine companion for Karen & Neil. They have done a lot with her already ensuring a well behaved family member

Ourgang Unlikely Hero “Remi”
Joanne Earle-Brailey

Remi was our pick of the litter but had a little issue which Jo decided to take a chance on and has ended up with a lovely brindle boy that we look forward to seeing in the ring. Much loved companion of Jo’s grandson Kai

6 mths

Ourgang Unconditional “Hugo”
David Gee & Jaclyn Bowcock

Hugo was the other pick of the boys, he has gone to live with a friend’s family and will hopefully make the occasional outing into the ring. Much loved in their little family

Ourgang Unbroken “Hagrid”
Hannah Burn

Hagrid was bought for a special purpose, he is service dog for one of the Yass Doctor’s Practices and is there to make people feel safe and feel a bit better at the Practice. He is learning well from older sibling Huxley and is a great off duty companion of Hannah.

Ourgang Unveiled “Boo”
Tony Sheldon

Boo was bought as a companion for his older girl and as a jogging partner and beloved pet for Tony. He was our one that had the most enthusiasm for life but oh so eager to learn

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