Ourgang’s History

Photo 2018 – Belinda and I with (L to R) – Story, Onyx, Kenickie, Jitterbug, Rizzo and Freddie

Ourgang is the Prefix of Annabel Wolf from NSW, Australia. I started the prefix in 1992, I had originally wanted Wolfgang as my prefix, for my name, but it was already taken. Ourgang was my second choice as I really liked the Ginger Meggs Ourgang Series and they are certainly “Ours” and they are definitely a “Gang”.

I started with a Stafford x Kelpie from the RSPCA named “Cloe” in 1986 and she introduced me to the Stafford side of the world seeing that I had Border Collies & Kelpies growing up on a sheep station. My next Stafford was “Sprog” aka Lagoona Lady Daisy CD. Sproggy dog was a lady in all ways and made many non Stafford people like Staffords with her winning ways. Unfortunately she was not able to be bred from so I then purchased my foundation girl “Rage” , Ch Borstaff All The Rage CD from the famous Borstaff Staffords of Linda Szirer’s in Victoria, all of my dogs today descend from Rage.

I bred my first litter in 1993 and have now bred 21 litters up to 2019 (26 years). I only breed when I want to keep something (not that this always works out how we want) so I don’t breed that often. What I pick to stay, stays for life unless there is a very good reason for not staying – I do not consider “not being good enough for the show ring” a good reason to get rid of a much loved member of my family.

When I look for homes I look for people with the same attitude hence why most of my puppies are sold to pet homes & quite frankly I prefer it that way.

For those of you that think there is money in breeding, the most I have “made” on a litter is $695 total, the most I have lost on a litter is $5488. Think about what you are risking before you breed (potentially the life of the mother, a huge amount of time & stress & potentially money) and only breed if you are prepared to pour your heart and soul into a litter and open your wallet wide if necessary – you are responsible for them for life! It was your decision to bring them into the world so think carefully before you breed.

Enjoy looking through our website, I have tried to add as much information on each of the dogs I have bred as I can, if you are a former or current Ourgang dog owner and I have lost contact with you I would love to hear from you again – customerservice@thewolfsden.com.au or find me on Facebook.