Titled Dogs

I thought I would put pictures up here of all my titled dogs I have bred, I thought long and hard about this page as I don’t want Ourgang to just be about titles. Yes, I am very proud of the dogs here but I am even more proud of the temperaments of ALL my dogs and how they fit into families and society in general. My two top winning dogs here – Basty & Onyx wont be remembered for the titles they won but for their great personalities that were loved by so many:

Litter 1 – Ch Ourgang FirenBrimstone “Brittany” (Stella Deacon) – you always
remember your first!
Ch Ourgang Boldjack Donahue “Jacko” (Narelle Muxlow)

Litter 2 – Ch Ourgang Hilander “Lander” (Craig Leyden)
Ourgang Excalibur CDX “Scally” (David Atherfold)

Litter 3 – Ch Ourgang Thatol’ BlacMagic “Magic” (Wendy Cooper)


Litter 4 – Grand Ch Ourgang Hell for Leather “Basty”
Ch Ourgang Truly Unruly “Angus” (David Tattersall)

Litter 5,6,7 – none shown
Litter 8 – Dual Ch (F), Neuter Ch Ourgang Misguided Angel FM “Angel”
Ch Ourgang Tmorrow Blongs TMe “Scooby” (Shane & Natalie Dhu)

Litter 9 – Ch Ourgang Queen Moussette “Queen”
Ch Ourgang Jake Blues “Jake” (Tony & Deirdre White)

Litter 10 – NZ Ch Ourgang Been Round The Block “CJ” (Lara Francis)


Litter 11 – Dual Ch (F) Ourgang Dont Stop Me Now FM “Freddie”
Ch Ourgang I Want it All “Oprah”

Litter 12 – none shown
Litter 13 – Ch Ourgang I Want It Now “Jitterbug”

Itty Bitty Jitty

Litter 14 – none shown
Litter 15 – none shown
Litter 16 – Supreme, Neuter Grand Ch Ourgang .Bang. On JC FM “Onyx”
Ch Ourgang Lesson in Perfection “Cobalt” (Mick & Jenni Turner)

Litter 17 – none shown
Litter 18 – Ch Ourgang Pocket Rocket “Obi” (Ailsa Crosthwaite)
Neuter Ch Ourgang Coulda Shoulda Woulda “Story” (Bel White)

Litter 19 – Grand Ch, Dual Ch (F) Ourgang Dirty .Bang. “Rizzo”
Dual Ch(F), Neuter Grand Ch Ourgang .Bang. .Bang. Youre Dead JC
(Belinda White)
Ch Ourgang Crank It Up “Darcii” (Ailsa Crosthwaite)

Litter 20 – Ch Ourgang The Greatest Showman “Zac” (Andrew Casperson)
Ch Ourgang Rewrite The Stars “Lettie”

Litter 21 – Ch Ourgang Dammit Janet “Janet”
Neuter Ch Ourgang Time Warp “Raffy” (Sue Cross)

Litter 22 – none shown
Litter 23 – Ch Ourgang I’ll Be Damned “Wilma” (Robbie & Von Orr)
Ch Ourgang Dazzln Star “Rubble” (David & Elaina Chandler)

Litter 24 – Ourgang Delta Force “Jasper” – half way as at Feb 2024
(Greg & Jo Finn)
Ourgang Driving Force “Chaz” – 3/4 of the way as at Feb 2024
(David Tattersall & myself)
Ourgang Enforceable “Louis” – scentwork titled (Tracie Donnolly)

Litter 25 & 26 – not old enough yet but Ourgang Unbelievable “Looney” on her way

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