Ch Borstaff Never Ending Story x Grand Ch, Neuter Ch, Dual Ch (F) Ourgang Dirty Bang

Muri was a bit of a miracle, to be honest I did not think that we would get Rizz pregnant again after she had had a couple of misses and reabsorptions. When the red one was born I was too afraid to turn her over to check whether it was a boy or a girl but after 14 years of waiting we finally have another red girl in the family.

Whilst she does not have the best Stafford head, she does have the most beautiful body and moves like an absolute dream with drive and purpose. She has a perfect level topline, prosternum (missing on so many Staffords today) and fantastic pigmentation both in eyes and nails. We will reserve judgement for later once she has grown and we can see what the finished product is. She and Luna are double trouble and get into a lot of mischief around the house which has lead to me having a rake in my bedroom to clean up the daily mess they make. She has a very sweet temperament and loves to talk and be dramatic – lots of sighs, groans and talking – we call her “the mouth from the south” as her dad is from Victoria.

Unlike Luna she likes to show and shows well with a few judges recognising and commenting on her virtues of her beautiful body and movement, a third of her way to her title at 8 months, half a dozen Class in Groups, she is being recognised for the sound girl that she is. Now if we can just get her over her obsession with toilet brushes …

Onyx > Rizzo > Janet > Looney