Litter 26 – 29/9/23

Ch Borstaff Never Ending Story x Grand Ch, Dual Ch (F) Ourgang Dirty Bang

This litter is to get me back to origins. That outstanding temperament of the Borstaff dogs combined with what I have built on my Borstaff base through Rage all those years ago has lead me to this litter.

I do not normally do two litters a year let alone two so close together but this is Rizz’s last chance for a litter, after this she will be desexed. We are very grateful that she did fall and produce us three wonderful babies

Ourgang Untold Gold “Muriel”

We waited 14 years for another red girl and though she is not a show stopper she has filled a hole and is Miss Personality Plus. Check out her full story here.

Ourgang Clancy of the Overflow “Clancy”
Shaun Hayes & Brenay Warner

Clancy was a chance for Shaun to get back into Staffords. He has previously had Harry (Litter 9) so it was only fitting that he get another one from me. Clancy settled in well, loves his walks and their two young kids.

Ourgang Saltbush Bill “Winston”
Donna & Ian Anderson

Winston was such a goofball baby and such a happy personality and the Anderson’s were still reeling over the loss of their older stafford the year before so he was sent to fill a hole and has added much joy to their lives

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