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– 2006 > 2020

Freddie was the beautiful son of Scooby & Queen (a cousin mating) with his Aunt Angel’s  colouring and his great uncle Basty’s personality. Being first born he told us how many were to be in the litter with the Number 7 on his chest. He reminded me so much of Basty as a baby in his personality that I thought “bugger it, I’ll keep him” and we are glad that we did, his daggy personality shows through and he lived with Basty in harmony as he did with all my other dogs and any who visited.

He was very nicely put together with a strong head, a good body that only improved with age (as my stuff does – slow maturing lines – they look great at 6 when most are retiring), great angulation & correct tailset – a perfect pump handle tail. He moved with purpose, drive and effortless action with his moving photo being used in Breed lectures. He was a loving teddy bear who loved nothing more than draping himself over your lap (we often wondered if he had a spine) and having cuddles and scratches on the tummy which he accompanied with various moans of pleasure, all visitors got the Freddie treatment as he slowly tried to creep totally onto their lap. A favourite of many non Stafford people like my sister Catie whom he adored, especially her yoghurt containers.

He lived up to his early promise and was very rarely unplaced. He did incredibly well in the show ring winning multiple awards at all levels both at Specialties and in the All Breeds arena even though he was never a flash show dog, just did the job – never do anything wrong was our Fred. He really enjoyed his later year Neuter classes winning nearly 80 Class in Groups and 14 Class in shows and retired to couch potato status, mainly staying home to keep Jitt company, he enjoyed his last year of outings to the shows again, thriving on the attention. His last outing in Tiny Tots junior handlers where he tried to show the child what to do by dragging her back to the judge when all she wanted to do was run out of the ring.

Freddie became a champion at only 14 mths and sired a few litters with one Grand Champion daughter in Gr Ch Sevilara Razzle Dazzle “Ziggy” and a couple of others titled.

In flyball he took a Loooonnngg time to learn it but eventually got there and became Belinda’s introduction to Flyball as I was busy with the shop. He was a crowd pleaser as everyone loved to cheer on the slow ones.

At home he helped raise the litters by teaching all puppies to ignore growls – he would sound as though he was about to murder them but they would all ignore him and just use him  as a stepping stone or jumping castle, he put up with a lot from many a litter.

He was well up to the last few days, I had only thought to myself the week before we lost him how well he was doing and then he woke up with what we believe was a stroke and just went downhill from there.

See Litter 11 for Pedigree details.

Cloe > Sprog > Rage > Maddy > Basty > Murtle > Angel > Oprah > Jitterbug