Litter 18 – 15/6/15

Anglice Might And Power x Supreme, Neuter Grand, Flyball Dual Ch Ourgang .Bang On – JC (AI)

This litter produced 3 girls – Story, Aria and Ruby and 4 boys – Dash, Obi, Ernie and Alfred. Obi achieved his Championship easily and Aria went on to produce Litter 20 for us.

I used Toby as I thought he would add a beautiful depth of underjaw and squareness of underjaw that Onyx needed and he came from a line of long living dogs with no health issues and had the most beautiful temperament.

Ch Ourgang Pocket Rocket “Obi”
Co-owned with Ailsa Crosthwaite

See Obi’s story here under co-owned dogs

Ourgang Rammer Jammer “Dash”
Sera & Adam Kohler

Sera wanted to be there when this litter was born and so she helped deliver this litter and chose her special boy Dash right from the start. Princess Dash as he is known, is a bit of a softy, knows how to use those gorgeous eyes of his to get whatever he wants. Like Obi, he is like his aunty Jitt, and is a bit high strung but at the same time a teddy bear. I enjoy seeing him and having Dashman cuddles whenever I visit Sera.

Ourgang Paint The Town Red “Alfred”
Elena Simon

Alfred is Elena’s first dog and he has taken her on a learning curve as to what dogs are about – in hindsight Staffords are not the ideal first dog. He has had his ups and downs but is very much loved by Elena and her family and got there in the end being a well mannered and sociable dog now.

Ourgang Mighty Bang “Ernie”
Chris Everingham & Nathan Iaz

Ernie was the bruiser of our litter, he liked to push everyone out of the way and be first. He lives a happy life in the Hunter Valley, close to us now, with his white girlfriend. He is a handsome lad and attracts lots of positive comments when they are out on their walks

Neuter Ch Ourgang CouldaShouldaWoulda “Story”
our special girl Stor Stor, see her full Story here

Ourgang Power On “Ruby”
Ruby is the queen of the White household, going back to where her great great great grandma Polly lived. She is a much loved active part of the White household now sunning it up in Qld with her cousin Zuma.

Ourgang Reason for Treason “Aria”
Aria started off life with Chris Langford and had a litter for her Stevris prefix and then was returned to me where I placed her with Corrine Lynch on the condition I could have a litter back. She had one litter for me (Litter 20) to Nos – Grand Ch Jamelkur Cruzin Star. She has the softest most beautiful personality in a stafford that you could hope for with those melt me eyes. She is the first one I have seen that definitely noticibly recognises everyone from her past – from her Mum Onyx, her sister Story and of course me. She is a beautiful soul whom I miss seeing.

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