Ch Ourgang Dirty Bang FD – 19/8/17

Rizzo, Rizzola, La La, La La Boom, Boomsie. Our “special” girl. She was a fiery one from the get go. I was debating between her and her sister Darcii – Darcii is the type I normally keep but I wanted to do something different and I knew with Rizz’s temperament she would not have fitted into the household that Darcii was sent to.

She has been a challenge, she doesn’t cope with people with high pitched voices so it took me a while to work that out so we desensitized that. Then she doesn’t like other dogs so we worked on that and now she tolerates well to the point we now do Flyball with racing and excitement without chaos.

Showing was something she just wasn’t interested in so we had to work on that and now she is happy to show, not the showdog her mother is but is getting there. She titled fairly easily at 13 months. She has won over 30 Class in Groups, Multi Runner Up in Groups, Multi Best in Groups and Multi Class in Shows. We will continue showing her to her Grand Champion title before she will retire from the showring.

Flyball – not quite the natural her mum is, she has worked hard and has had her first competition – she did ok with the actual racing but needs more work on not pinching the balls off the other teams dogs lol. More work needed on focus for her and then I think she will be a good racing dog – this will be her main focus for 2021.

Breeding wise she has had her first litter for us with Litter 21 – a mating back to her grandfather Multi Ch Angelic Staff Bang Bang Boogie – Denmark. This resulted in Rocky, Janet & Raffy. Her second litter will be later in 2021 to Ch Brookshire Davros (fingers crossed).

See Litter 19 for pedigree details

Onyx > Janet