Neuter Ch Ourgang Coulda Shoulda Woulda – 15/6/15

Story, Stor Por, Porey, she is a special one and was from the start. she broke her pelvis at 1 week old when mum, Onyx, jumped in the box and landed on her, not that we realised that until 9 weeks later. Don’t get me wrong – from 3 weeks it was obvious there was something wrong but what ? That lead to $8000 in diagnostics with no answer until I went away for a week and came back and looked at her and said “it’s her back end”. We had xrayed, ultrasounded, catscanned every part of her up to her hips but had never done that part. So we xrayed and sure enough there it was – now hairline fractures in the pelvis (as they had basically healed). When I think of all the rigorous physio and exercises we had made her do I shudder to think what pain she was in but she never showed it.

This resulted in a puppy who hated to be hugged close and avoided at all costs being picked up. She worked out that if she was between your legs you cant pick her up and still does this today. She is a very soft natured dog and hated yelling and confrontation. Unfortunately she came to being when my partner and I were at our worst just before we broke up so though she loved me she wasn’t entirely happy with my loud ways. When we moved up to Branxton and Belinda moved in she found her perfect soulmate – someone who was quiet and who slept all day and would give all her attention to her – I was dumped like a hot rag and though it broke my heart Story made it very clear she belonged to Belinda so as a Christmas present I signed her over to Belinda to make it official.

As a show dog Story was just starting to be the showdog her mother is, when in less than 24 hours, she decided she would go dramatically undershot at almost six months. Perfect scissor bite to undershot you can put your little finger in in 24 hours – disappointing, but that’s life. She is now very content to be the Shop Dog in the Wolf’s Den stall and is often found on the steps of the trailer waving to everyone in the hope that someone will pat her. She now has managed to win her Neuter Championship so she has a title!

Flyball – wellllll… all I can say is it is certainly a challenge …. maybe one day she will get there… However what it is has done is give her a lot of confidence and bravado that has extended to all areas of her life, she loves the excitement of flyball, just hasn’t quite fit the pieces together yet.

As a mum, well we decided this was not for her. Her mouth and her early break in her pelvis plus a couple of other things and it just wasn’t worth going there with her. Still she loves being Aunty Porey and teaches them all lovely bad habits such as biting back legs lol.

Please see Litter 18 for her pedigree

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