Dual Ch (F), Neuter Grand Ch Ourgang .Bang Bang You’re Dead JC – 19/8/17

(Note for above – for some reason it wont accept the word bang in the titles so we have to write .Bang)

Kenickie was one we weren’t meant to keep but Belinda really really wanted him so he stayed here as Belinda’s baby as his original home fell through and I really wanted him to go to a show home.

He has been Belinda’s baby from the start and is the first dog she has raised and trained as her own. His mouth unfortunately decided to go reverse scissor at 15 months so he was desexed but Belinda still wanted to keep him so he has stayed as much as I curse him sometimes. He has won everything he can in Neuter so has stepped aside for his sisters, and is excelling at Flyball which he loves even if he does pull Belinda all over the place

Please see Litter 19 for pedigree. He is not available at stud.

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