Neuter Ch Ourgang Time Warp – 24/6/19

Raffy was kept by us at first, he was from a special grandfather grand daughter mating from imported semen so I didn’t want to waste him not going to a show potential home. He had a home lined up that fell through at the very last minute so here he stayed here with his sister Janet.

He did very well in earlier classes then came the accident. I had just gotten home and let him out of the car and he raced off to play with his sister – going round and round the pile of sugar cane mulch. the adults were on the other side of the driveway, as I moved the car forward he ran across to greet them, straight under the wheels of my 4 tonne Chev truck. When you are on top of a screaming puppy with a car that if you put it in reverse spins the wheel it is a hard decision to make, I made the choice to go forward rather than tearing him apart with a wheel spin. The result was a broken pelvis in eleven places, femoral heads broken off and his medial ligaments scrubbed out on the driveway. After going to several vets we ended up at the specialist Sash Vet in Tuggerah and $17000 and several months later we have back a dog who is as good as he can get thanks to the fantastic work of those Vets, vet nurses and staff. Was it worth it? Yes he is worth every damn cent! It was a lot of time and work in rehab to get him to this point but oh so worth it.

Unfortunately as he matured, his inscisors became messy and he had issues with Belinda’s Kenickie – the joy of keeping two boys close in age, lots of little things added up to the heart breaking decision that the best home for him was not with me. Now I had poured my heart and soul into this dog and desperately wanted him to stay even though I knew he shouldn’t as we had reached our quota of dogs, so he could only go to the most special of homes – in stepped Sue Cross, my long term friend, who has previously had two of my babies Fudge & Nougat. Sue gave me two weeks to adjust saying that I could have him back if I couldn’t live without him, I gave her a week before she wouldnt give him back – I won. So he is now a very much loved and spoilt brat of Sue’s in Camden, having all the attention that he demands and believe me he knows how to demand.

He has sired one litter with Baden Davis (Roperbull) of four delightful girls and had another litter with Tilly for me (Litter 22). He is health tested as much as he can be (we can’t do hips because of the injury) but eyes, DNA and elbows are all good. He is now desexed and living a life of luxury and gained his Neuter Championship with ease.

See Litter 21 for pedigree details

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