Betty Boop

Ourgang Dammit All – AI

Grand Ch Jamelkur Cruzin Star x Ch Ourgang Dammit Janet

“Betty” was our keeper we weren’t meant to keep from our litter from Nos & Janet. It is not often that you get a puppy that takes your breath away every day and that is what she was to me. Her cheeky outgoing personality, her beautiful expression I could look at every day. Don’t get me wrong, she was an evil toad who liked to steal & shred everything but she grew out of that.

She started her show career slowly – she won a couple of Baby and Minor In Groups amongst very strong competition as well as a Challenge and a few reserves. She was always bashing herself and causing injury and the car accident in December 2022 just left her with a bit too much to recover from which has taken about 8 months to sort, she is now doing fine. Unfortunately in this stressful time her jaw grew that little bit too much and she ended up with a level mouth.

As much as it totally killed me and took me a long long time to get over, she moved onto her new home with my good friend Annie Glover (Moitresa) where she is living it up with her dog friend Mason and her hooman kid friend Coby. She didnt look back and is loving her new life. Sometimes you have to make decisions you really don’t want to for the better of the dog.

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