Triple Ch Ourgang Misguided Angel FM : 2002 – 2014
– Litter 8 –

Angel aka Angel Baby, The Pest really should have been named Misguided as that certainly suited her better or probably Tigger due to her colour and the fact she liked to Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. She was not the most well mannered of dogs being far too social and absolutely could not stand being ignored by anyone so she jumped on everyone and LICKS!!! Her aim in life, I swear, was to lick every part of exposed skin that she can on every person she meets, especially children. She absolutely loved being Shop Keep Girl at my Wolf’s Den stall as she could rush out and greet everyone and wouldn’t get in trouble.

There was not much of her mum in Angel either in looks or temperament, except for the body scrunch that Murtle did when she was excited to meet someone, otherwise she was all her father, being lovable, demanding, noisy, jumping and of course bum biting!

There were only two girls in the litter and I am glad I chose Angel because as pesty as she was she is very much my next Maddy being a definite Mummy’s girl. Angel was very much mine and did not like being left behind and would cling to Glenn until I returned when he then called her the ‘turncoat’ as she abandoned him as though he never mattered.

In the show ring she performed reasonably well, winning class in Groups at every age level and a number of Challenges and Reserves gaining her title in under two years, retiring from the main part of the showring on just over 800 points and from the Neuter part over 500 points (being the first Neuter titled in NSW!) It took her a while to work out what I wanted but once she did she showed well. As an older dog in Neuter she absolutely loved it and all the attention that goes with being in the ring. She excelled in movement and body shape not to mention her terrific front she inherited from her father. Though she had mixed results at All Breeds shows, she usually placed well at Specialty shows.

Her agility was amazing when she was younger, and she absolutely loved the flyball where she could shine, everyone would always know she was there with all the noise she would make. She absolutely loved this sport and would dive out of the car and bust herself to go. Even as an old dog I would take her to training and even though she could hardly walk much she would fling herself over the jumps and at that box to get the ball, running back around the outside with it as if to say “see Mum, I still can do it, why are you stopping me”.

She was very bossy being the leader of my girls by the time she was 4 months old and was still ruling them all with an iron fist until she died. She was very vocal and would tell you if she was not happy as well as when she was happy plus she likes to think of herself as a good guard dog (though only when it suits her – it cant interrupt that precious sleep). Even later on when she was debarked for medical reasons she would still rasp away at us telling us what she liked and didn’t like. It took the others a while to work out where the strange noise was coming from but they soon got used to it.

Angel’s biggest thing was that she thought she was privileged above all and didn’t believe that the rules we apply to the others applied to her and she was very good at giving you filthy looks when you insisted that she had to follow them too. She thought her place is on the bed with me at night and on the bed during the day with Glenn (he worked nightshift) and if you didn’t let her boy did she get the dirts.

She had one litter with Basty (Litter 10) and after several failed attempts later she got pyometra and had to be desexed so she didn’t contribute much to the Stafford genepool but changed a lot of people’s minds about how friendly they can be.

2014 was a bad year for Angel, she had been suffering from severe wobbliness which we can now confirm to be Degenerative Peripheral Neuropathy. She had to have a throat operation to help her breathe as her throat would close up when she got excited, this went horribly wrong and was touch and go for a few weeks before she started to get back to normal, this operation left her debarked. She then got a tick – do you know how hard it is to tell if your dog has tick symptoms when they are normally wobbly in the back end and heavy breathers normally!!!

She finally decided to top it off for me – I took all the dogs down to the river for a treat, I got her out first as the others would knock her over in their excitement. It took me a while to get the others out of the car, as they were being stupid, and I turned around and she was gone. I was in quite a busy carpark so I wasn’t sure where she had disappeared to, I thought she has probably gone down to the river without me as she LOVED water, I went down there and she wasn’t there. I went back up to the carpark and she wasn’t there either. We searched until dark and couldn’t find her, I was hoping that someone had picked her up but no, we found her the next day in the river, she had gotten tangled in the weeds and had drowned, I had been past that part of the river at least a dozen times the day before as had the other searchers but we hadn’t seen her. I am glad we found her but I wish in so many ways that I had done things differently but I didn’t, so I have to live with that, at least she went doing what she loved most – being a water baby, rest in peace beautiful girl.

Misguided Angel hangin’ over me
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory
Soul like a Lucifer, black and cold like a piece of lead
Misguided Angel, I’ll love you til I’m dead …

Cloe > Sprog > Rage > Mad > Basty > Murtle > Oprah > Freddie > Jitterbug