Litter 22 – 27/11/20

Ourgang Time Warp – AI x Ourgang This is Me – AI

I have done this litter as simply Raffy has what Tilly lacks and vice versa. Hopefully Raffy will add more rib, shorten up Tilly a bit while Tilly will add her cleanness to combat Raffy’s bit of fleshiness. Overall the both have good heads, good angulation and lovely temperaments so hopefully we wont lose any of that. We did achieve this in some I believe

This is only the second time I have done an Ourgang to Ourgang mating. Tilly was the easiest whelper I have ever come across and just spat them out – one push equalled one puppy. The last one was a few hours after the others which gave us an extra surprise but overall she did really well and was a fantastic mum raising them even if she did steal all their toys. We did experience some problems with this litter with two of them being born with hair lips. After much lack of sleep and Zombieness they survived and are growing well. Both the hair lips were repaired at just under 5 months, more for aesthetic reasons than for health reasons. Both are doing very well in their new homes.

Ourgang Voyeristic Intention “Bear”
(Owned by the Datson Family)

Bear was our big hope in the boys for the litter but it was apparent early that his mouth was not going to hold so he was sold to a lovely pet home in Sydney with the Datson family where he is being very clever learning new tricks and being a loving part of their family

Ourgang Time is Fleeting “Freddie”
(Owned by Kristy Chant)

Right from the start Kristy wanted this full of life boy, he is a wild child but Kristy is well up to the challenge this boy likes to give, living life to the max he has an exciting life of adventures with his Viszla friend Chilli. He has turned into a handsome dude and is still a much loved member of the family up north.

Ourgang In Another Dimension “Sully”
(Owned by the Wallace family)

Sully was one of our special Hair Lip boys and I was very fortunate to come into contact with the Wallace family who loved him from the start. He was the gentle one of the litter and has a happy life with his family in Cessnock. He is a loving little man and loves to look after everyone when they are sick and grab as many cuddles as he can

Ourgang Took Me By Surprise “Jax”
(Owned by the Peasnell family)

Jax was our other special boy, our hard rocker, he gave everything 110% which got him through the early days when it was touch and go with him. I was very very lucky to have another lovely family waiting in the wings for him and I will always thank them for their patience. As they lived so far away Jax stayed until his repair operation could be done. Hard on me to give him away at that age especially when he was so loving to me but he is in the best home for him where they enjoy his daily antics and talkativeness.

Ourgang Drives You Insane “Talia”
(owned by Raven Kohler)

Talia was our pick girl by default, very balanced, the most beautiful body and driving movement, which didnt quite keep the balance as she grew. She is the wild child of the Kohler household and keeps Raven on her toes. Unfortunately she went undershot early so she didnt hit the showring as we had hoped but still grew into a lovely moving dog. She has had one litter back for us which was Litter 24

Ourgang Its Astounding “Loca”
Silvana Gentile

Loca is a stunning girl that would have well and truly been a contender for pick bitch had it not been for a kink in her tail. Still this allowed her to be a part of her perfect home with the Gentile family with kids to play with and a mum and dad who have waited forever for a stafford and are enjoying all the thrills that go with her. I am absolutely stoked with how she grew up, very much my style and cup of tea, just a shame about that kink.

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