Litter 24 – 15/11/22

Pridesdale The Enforcer – UK x Ourgang Drives You Insane

I have been admiring the Pridesdale dogs from the UK for a long time and I am really hoping that Ronnie can correct all that Talia needs fixing so that we have something to go on with. I am happy with what we have, it has been a learning curve as this litter has grown very differently than my normal litters, its amazing what introducing a new line can do.

We have some special repeat offender Ourgang people for this litter – four boys and 1 girl born. She whelped them easily and though she hasn’t been the best mum, Janet stepped in to make sure they got all the loving they needed.

Ourgang Insane Enuff “Lola”

The only girl of the litter, she went to some friends of friends and is happily ensconced in the Brown family in Cardiff, enjoying their older kids and outings and holidays with the family.

Ourgang Delta Force “Jasper”

The red one of the litter, I did this litter really hoping for red pups with 3/4 of the pedigree being red but alas I was only to get this one boy. A typical red head with attitude plus, he lives with the Finn family with his grandma Tilly. Doing well in the ring with his first Challenge and Best of Breed under his belt at 8 months!

Ourgang Driving Force “Chaz”

Chaz has been the little superbug of the litter since day one, speeding around the box doing laps, he has two speeds – Go & Stop. We have high hopes for this little boy, he is living with David & Louise Tattersall of Staffbach Staffords and has also excelled early in the ring

Ourgang Show of Force “Jax”

Shadow is the clown of the litter, loves his pats and belly rubs. Your typical boofy boy. He will turn into a lovely brindle with his flashy white foot, he is living it up with the Tuckwell family he enjoys going to work every day.

Ourgang Enforceable “Louis”

Louis was the quiet one of the litter, usually found doing his own thing, he loves to come and just sit beside you or fall asleep on your foot. He has gone to the Donnollys and is excelling at Scentwork and loving everyone he comes across

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