Litter 20 – 7/9/18

Ch Jamelkur Cruzin Star x Ourgang Reason For Treason

This litter came about as I was looking for a dog with a strong front and topline that we wouldn’t loose Aria’s beautiful head with. Nos was the perfect fit and luckily Eric & Linda allowed us to use his frozen semen. As Aria had already moved homes several times I decided not to bring the litter back to my place for whelping which proved to be a mistake. No Ourgang litter will ever not be born with us again.

Still we got 8 beautiful babies from frozen AI which we were extremely happy with – I thought they might have stuffed up and given us Border Collies from the markings when they were first born. We lost one due to negligence, but 4 boys and 3 girls survived and overall it is a litter I am very happy with. A repeat mating was done of this litter (not by me) but was not the quality of this litter which proves again that you don’t get the same thing twice even with the same parents.

This litter was named after The Greatest Showman movie.

Ch Ourgang The Greatest Showman “Zac”
Andrew Casperson

Zac went through a few homes, he was meant to stay with me but I was conned into letting him go in partnership which was a mistake. He came back to me at 4 1/2 months with smashed in teeth and both his hips out of their hip socket. After much rehab he was shown to his title at 11mths. He was hard work, a lot of hard work, it shows how important that 8-12 week socialisation time is, to him any attention (even bad attention) was better than none. I was not in the headspace to cope with his antics and I found a home for him where he lived for the next few years until they started having trouble with him and their Amstaff boy. He came back to me (as all of mine do if their homes dont work out) and was taken on by my very long time friend Andrew where he now lives, shown on occasion.

Ourgang A Million Dreams “Gus”
Mel & Chris Chisholm

Gussy is a big boy, no doubting that, he is a very large stafford but his balance and type he exhibits is outstanding. He lives the life of the farm dog with the occasional outing to their work in a grooming salon or to the dog shows to be company for Rylee – his little hooman – whom he adores

Ourgang Come Alive “Bob”
Nathan & Jade Kolc

Bob is a much loved family pet who has turned out much better than I thought he would. Lots of strengths and virtues here.

Ourgang From Now On “Otto”
Ed Larkin

Very much loved pet of Ed & Fiona Larkin, goes everywhere with them and is very much a part of their family

Ourgang This Is Me “Tilly”
Joanna & Greg Finn

Tilly is an absolute sweetheart and is a calm and spoilt child of the Finn family. She was shown in Newcastle and got 2/3 of way to her title before pyometra interferred and shortened her show career. She will probably come out again in the Neuter classes with her grandson Jasper showing in the main classes. She had one litter to Raffy for me in Litter 20

Ourgang Walking The Tightrope “Rogue”
Lyndall Hopgood (Lynneve)

Lyndall bought Rogue as she had another girl from Nos long in the past and she was hoping to establish that line again. She has had one litter for Lyndall and will hopefully have another.

Ch Ourgang Rewrite The Stars “Lettie”
Legal owner – Me

This litter showed me a lot of the negative aspects of dog breeding / showing – friendships of long standing mean nothing, people will lie and manipulate to get what they want, and no matter how good a friend you think they are – get everything in writing so it doesn’t backlash and hit you in the face as it did with Lettie. Yes, I am pleased she got her Championship, it is a big shame she didn’t go onto greater things which I believe she would have been easily capable of. It would have been good to promote Nos further as a sire so it is sad the Birkeland’s have missed out on that, but dealing with some people is just not worth the stress or the heartache.

Legally I own this bitch, will I ever see her again – probably not. One thing that was said to me was “she doesn’t know you” – that hit home, and never ever again will an Ourgang litter be born away from this household. Part of being an Ourgang dog is that I raise them and they know who I am. This bitch was given to someone on the condition I could have a litter back on Breeders Terms and that is it in a nutshell – “Breeders” terms – my terms – on having a litter back. The possessor of this girl was not prepared to meet my simple term of “she must come back to me for a litter”. I do not believe I was being unreasonable – I think 6-7 weeks out of a dog’s 15 year life living with someone who will look after her and care for her as one of her own, which she is as I bred her, is a small price to pay for a world class bitch. As no resolution could be met, this bitch was put on Limited Register – Not to be exhibited, Not to be Bred from.

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