Clovelly CD : 1981 – 1996

Cloe, Clover, Woedy – Cloe was my introduction to the Staffords being a cross Stafford Kelpie (we think) whom we got from the RSPCA. She had been grossly mistreated and it took us years to get her to be confident in herself. It was three years before she barked and we praised her for it lavishly, only to regret this in the following years as she certainly made up for her previous quietness by never shutting up.

When we went to pick a dog from the RSPCA I actually did not want her, I wanted a Corgi dog like my father had, Mum however wanted her as she looked too sad to leave there so home she came. This is where she got the name Woedy from as she always looked woeful.

Her taste was somewhat direct – that is, everything my sister owned. My sister does not particularly like dogs and thought Cloe was particularly ugly and told Cloe that at every oportunity, so Cloe got her revenge – shoes, socks, clothes off the line, school bag, books, anything that smelt of Cate was destroyed. She never destroyed anyone else’s possessions – only Cate’s. Luckily we got her out of this habit eventually (after much fighting between my sister & I), even if it is a perfect revenge from a younger sister – hee hee hee!

Clover lived to a ripe old age of 15, she was the matriarch of the Ourgang household and taught all of the younger dogs and puppies “manners” & how to respect an older dog. There are still some of her habits that are evident in our household today such as sleeping in the car. She was my mother’s favourite and often liked by those who didn’t normally like dogs as she would sit quietly like a lady and not do much.

She was there to please and would do anything to make you happy in her quiet retired way. She is still remembered with fond memories and Ourgang wouldn’t be here without her as I wouldn’t know about Staffords.

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