Ourgang Truly Madly Deeply : 1994 – 2004
– Litter 2 –

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Mad 2wks

Maddy Moo was my baby, what can I say, she was spoilt rotten and was the light of my life. She was a special girl who did a lot for me and helped me through some rotten times & caused me some rotten times as well.

Mad aka, Mad Cow Disease, Moodle Noodle, Moo Moo, Little Red Flea Bag, Mad-e-lane, was not exactly the most successful show dog. Being at the small end of the standard she did not do that well, still she managed to amass 26 Reserve Challenges, In Group awards and some high Specialty placings, always liked by South African judges and specialists.

Mad was the first born in Rage’s second litter and was spoilt by both Rage and myself from Day One. She learned the luxuries of life early & was the fattest roundest puppy you have ever seen earning herself the nickname “Pumpkin” as she was a fat little thing, round, orange and wrinkly.

At 5 mths of age she was run over by my then partner, Andrew, and broke her back left leg badly, the foot’s bones were shattered. We, of course, were in the middle of nowhere in a State Forest so after two hours of bumpy driving got her to a country Vet who just said “I think that leg’s broken mate”, talk about point out the obvious. He did not have much equipment and didn’t think they could do much so with a pain killer for Mad off we went again for the three hour trip home to our local Vets. He set the leg, I was back three days later as she had managed to get the cast off. He set it again, I was back 3 days after that as she got the second cast off. At that point we went to a plastic cast with bandage which I had to redo virtually every day. Maddy had worked out that if you ran full pelt with your leg sticking out backwards Mum couldn’t catch you & then throw yourself in the dam & swim across, you will lose the cast by the other side, then run & hide and watch Mum – cursing & swearing, swim to get the cast out of the dam. This went on for 6 wks, needless to say the leg did not set that well and she had a club foot until the end.

A week after she had the cast removed we then discovered that her front wrist had been broken as well, she had been running around on it for 8 wks on this leg and it wasn’t until the back one was fixed that she started favouring the front. Talk about a typical Stafford – why bother showing pain when you don’t have to.

Mad has done the most for me as a brood bitch. Her first litter (Litter 4) of 4 boys & 1 girl to Sid (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike) produced two champions and would have easily produced a third had he been shown. Her second litter (Litter 6) produced 4 boys (a disappointment to me as all I wanted was a girl), one of which was shown when young but was not shown when older due to the family commitments of the owner which was a shame. Her third litter (Litter 7) produced 2 boys & 3 girls finally giving me a girl to go on with – Murtle.

As a dog Madmoo was the most wicked, cunning and smart of all the dogs I have owned. She was a cow but fantastic to live with as she provided hours of entertainment in her ability to get food or the best of whatever for herself. She looked at a situation, summed up what she could get out of it and went to work. She was the leader of the gang at home until her grand-daughter Angel came along & was very good at getting everyone else into trouble while remaining angelic herself. A dirty fighter, others often walk away with holes in their legs if they challenge her (just ask her brother, Lander). Still, she looked at you with those butter wouldn’t melt eyes and sucked up to you so you had to let her get away with everything. She was my protector, my guardian and I loved her Truly, Madly & Deeply.

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