Looney Tunes

aka Luna – Ourgang Unbelievable – 3/7/23

Ch Wooloostaff Devils Undeniable x Ch Ourgang Dammit Janet

Looney is my spoilt little brat, only a small girl standing at 14 3/4 inches at nearly 8 months we dont think she is going to get any bigger so she is at the bottom of the standard but in standard so time will tell how she goes, some judges will knock her for her size, some will accept it for what she is.
She is one of those “busy busy” dogs who always like to be in the thick of things – the ‘active and agile’ part of the standard certainly applies. She loves her cuddles though and is a big hit always at Mum’s retirement village when we visit, her small stature being handy then.

We hope for big things from this girl however she does NOT like showing but we have a bit of an agreement though it is sorely tested when she wins and has to go in again … (add in dog eye roll which she has perfected). She does the job as long as I don’t tighten that chain. Takes after her Daddy in this regard and does the job, not the show pony her mother is. Isn’t it always the way that you finally get a dog you really love and they hate showing… ah well, we will work with it and get her through.

Onyx > Rizzo > Janet > Muriel